University of Kentucky Lean Systems Program

University of Kentucky Lean Systems Program

The Lean Systems Program at the University of Kentucky stands out because…

It’s a Toyota/UK partnership established in 1994

· For 23 years experience teaching the principles and practices that make up the Toyota Production System
· Toyota Executive in Residence – on loan from the company, this practitioner is available for one on one coaching...

Find the problem‒Fix the problem‒Keep the problem from coming back! The University of Kentucky Lean
Systems Program is offering a 2-day 8 Step Problem Solving Course December 5-6, 2017. Learn the supporting
principles & definitions‒plus how to practice it by performing a hands-on team exercise.

Focusing on how lean culture drives lean accounting practices, this course demonstrates that transforming support units to lean, supports the whole organization. Reducing waste and spreading the culture improves the accounting department by incorporating a number of lean tools into...